Child labour literature review

If the child labor laws were to be fully enforced, those children and their families would have no other way to pay their debts. The NGOs are doing everything they can to get the laboring children out of work and into classrooms that are both funded by the government and donations. This Literature Review will focus on the child labor laws in India, the economic impact these children have on the country, and how the citizens of India view the topic by these research questions: A number of children are recruited into industries at ages as young as six years old.

Other scholars such as Harsch on African child labour, and Edmonds and Pavcnik on global child labour have reached the same conclusion.

While bias is a possibility in some of these publications, nonetheless they provide insights into the condition of children in mountainous environments.

Violence against Children: A Challenge for Public Health in Pakistan

Would parents earn enough revenue to support themselves along with their families. Their findings are quite mixed: However, the use of child indicators, such as school enrolment and infant mortality rate IMRenables some analysis of the effects of mountainous environments on child poverty.

Estimates for child labour vary. Child labour in Cambodia Significant levels of child labour appear to be found in Cambodia. A study conducted in Ladakh [ 70 ], found that altitude per se is a specific factor, combined with the fact that the population has a relatively short ancestry in the area and may not have developed genetic adaptations to living at altitude.

India as a whole. What would happen if India were to fully enforce their child labor laws. What are the current Indian laws on child labor and how are they followed. Reasons, such as family honour, concepts of morality, and cultural taboos, were major reasons for underreporting.

Two authors reviewed the titles obtained, a.

Mountain Child: Systematic Literature Review

Tabassum F, Baig LA. Oxford University Press; While poverty and unavailability of good schools explain the child labour supply side, they suggest that the growth of low-paying informal economy rather than higher paying formal economy is amongst the causes of the demand side.

The role of son preference in reproductive behavior in Pakistan. Our review indicates that weak legislation on elementary education, poor labour laws, and corporal punishment are also a determinant of an increasingly complex situation within which violence against children is perpetrated.

Newspapers have been used as sources of health data in Pakistan and for reporting stigmatized events more frequently than the police Each individual area involves different tasks for the laborers. Child labor and health: a systematic literature review of the impacts of child labor on child’s health in low- and middle-income countries Abdalla Ibrahim.

PhD student CAPHRI, Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences Study on child labour in automobile workshops of. A Review of the Available Literature Covering Child Labor in China through a review of available literature covering the topic of child labor, including news coverage, This review of available literature covering the topic of child labor over the past several years.

Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful.

Apr 28,  · This literature review will look into the child labor laws in India, the economy of India and how the child laborers affect it, and the different points of views on the issue. India and Child Labor India is a developing country, according to the CIA’s The World Fact Book ().

Lifetime Health Consequences of Child Labor in Brazil Chanyoung Lee a Peter F. Orazem b September The health consequences of child labor may take time to manifest themselves.

This study Literature Review Until recently, most studies linking child labor and health have focused on the health. Keywords: Literature review, Mountain, Child, Wellbeing, Poverty, Health, Nutrition, Education, Child mortality, Child labour/child labor Significance The review compares literature from across disciplines and geographical locations to look at the effect on children of growing up in a mountainous environment.

Child labour literature review
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