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Why would you want to be a human being, given the option. Once in Washington, D. Lupita Nyong'o is fiery, fragile, and fiercely proud as Patsey. Some scenes in this film are so confronting and violent that they would make Django Unchained look like a cartoon.

But more important is the reward of seeing an artist using the medium of film for its highest purposes: I beg all of you to take your kids, everybody to see it. Specifically, it is the slavery that thrived in an American era habitually known by an opaque Latinism: And as the post-script before the credit rightly says, the real Solomon Northup turned his ordeal into a best-selling book and became a major figure in the abolition movement.

Stripped of his past, his identity and even in the eyes of the law his humanity, the renamed "Platt" becomes the property of plantation owner Ford Benedict Cumberbatchwhose comparatively benign and sympathetic demeanour belies his slaver status.

Solomon wanders off the road, thinking of escape, and walks right into the lynching of two apprehended runaways. Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about 12 Years a Slave is the way that it portrays slavery itself. There is a new passion and moral force in the film; a new tragic grandeur.

12 Years a Slave

One sequence in which Northup is strung up like some strange fruit from a tree while life on the plantation ambles on around him achieves a surreal intensity that recalls the haunting poetry of Terrence Malick's existential war movie The Thin Red Line.

In one powerful moment Northup is strung up and left hanging by his neck from a tree branch. Sign in to vote. Do you know how slavery got started in America. But as the chorus swells, he breaks down and joins in, though not without a mix of confusion and self-loathing as he compromises his internal identity.

This is an important story, told with passion, conviction and grace. The one boll weevil in the pickings is Brad Pitt, as the liberal minded Mr. Stephanie Zacharek of The Village Voice was more critical of the film. For me, the most startling film on the subject of recent times is The Yes Menwhich showed the anticapitalist pranksters sneaking into corporate conventions to give presentations praising 21st century globalised outsourced workforces because they are cheaper than slavery.

The Beauty of the Antebellum South: It is a film that stimulates at both an emotional level and an intellectual one. To confront the subject of slavery in the most brutal uncompromising manner, McQueen and screenwriter John Ridley have drawn from the memoir of Solomon Northup, a New York-born musician kidnapped in and enslaved for twelve years before being freed.

There are horrors aplenty in Steve McQueen’s blistering, cold-eyed epic of slavery. But amidst the cringe-inducing scenes of torture — it seems wrong to call those bloody assaults just “beatings” or “whippings” — McQueen pinpoints acts of cruelty so casual they almost hurt more.

Oct 18,  · 12 Years a Slave has some of the awkwardness and inauthenticity of a foreign-made film about the United States. The dialogue of the Washington, D.C., slave traders sounds as if it were written for "Lord of the Rings."96%(56).

12 Years a Slave is the most horrifying film you'll see all year. It's also one of the most beautiful. August 25, | Full Review 96%. 12 Years a Slave has all of McQueen's effortlessly powerful visual sense, all his determination to look at ugly realities head-on.

I sat down to this movie expecting to see one of the long, fixed. Oct 18,  · “12 Years a Slave” isn’t the first movie about slavery in the United States — but it may be the one that finally makes it impossible for American cinema to continue to sell the ugly lies.

12 Years a Slave — a biopic about a black fiddler in NY who somehow wound up a slave in Louisiana from until the law rescued him in —is the nearly universally acclaimed front runner for.

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12 Years A Slave, review: 'This, at last, really is history written with lightning'